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TODAY: Cupcakes for a Cause!

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Cupcakes4Cause_FB_2Join us TODAY for a wildly sweet adventure at our 5th annual Cupcakes for a Cause, a gathering of cupcake lovers to share and eat cupcakes for a great cause! All proceeds go to support LEAP Global Missions.

We’ll have over 3,000 cupcakes from 24 local bakeries to share and several fun activities, including bounce house, Zorb ball racing, giant slides, cupcake decorating, face painting, cupcake-eating contests, photo booth, raffle, and more! Tickets can be purchased at the event. Visit for more information.

Cupcakes for a Cause
TODAY, 11 AM – 2 PM
University Park United Methodist Church
4024 Caruth Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75225

Blessed Assurance

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Story by Laylee Ghafar, Medical Student and LEAP Haiti Team Member

IMG_0138In April 2015, one-year-old Christene and her mother were first evaluated by LEAP in Haiti. Born with a condition known as Turner’s syndrome, Christene’s neck had a webbed appearance. It was felt she should wait until the following year for neck surgery. Mom was concerned about waiting a year for surgery, fearful she would be told to wait even longer; however, she shared that she had faith and agreed to come again the following year.

While our medical team was in Haiti a few weeks ago, Christene and her mother did indeed return for re-evaluation, and she was placed on the surgery schedule by plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Cone. While preparing for her surgery, Dr. Cone and plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Orten discussed Christene’s medical condition. Turner’s syndrome is a condition in which females are missing or partly missing an X chromosome with other varying associated signs and symptoms. 

While never having treated a patient with Turner’s syndrome, Dr. Orten shared that his youngest sister was diagnosed with Turner’s syndrome as an early teen, undergoing treatment and later graduating with a Master’s degree and working with the Turner’s Syndrome Society of America to help other young girls. In sharing his sister’s story, Dr. Orten was able to uniquely provide comfort to Christene’s mother, quietening her nerves while her daughter underwent surgery and also giving her hope that Christene would be given a new opportunity in life.

Often while in the mission field, we are truly blessed to be a part of and share our patients’ stories with you. We are touched and blessed by these opportunities, and we gladly share them with you.

Ecuador Earthquake

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SRT-Logo Transparent copy 700pxOur hearts are broken for the people of Ecuador who are suffering from such devastating loss. Through our International Disaster Relief Program, we have sent surgical teams to areas in which natural or war-related disasters have occurred. Since news of the earthquake, we have been actively working with our global partners to potentially deploy surgical relief teams to the affected provinces. We will update you as we know more, including how you can help.

If you are medical volunteer interested in participating in our International Disaster Relief Program, please complete a Disaster Relief Volunteer Form. If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Snyder Thompson, Director of International Disaster Relief, at

ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams© is a joint collaboration between the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and LEAP Global Missions. As a global platform for surgical care, ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams© exists to train, equip, connect and deploy highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons for short-term disaster relief medical missions.

Disaster Relief Volunteer Form

Landmark Update: Misha

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Misha1Three-year-old Misha lives in Moldova with his loving mother and two older sisters. His story was brought to us through the nonprofit organization Solo Visions Charities, Inc.

When he was a baby, Misha accidentally poured hot oatmeal on himself, causing devastating burns. Because his family lacked funds for treatment, he has lived most of his life with extensive scarring on the left side of his head and face.

Misha&SilviaThrough our Landmark Program, Misha will arrive in Dallas next week with his mother, Silvia, where he will undergo extensive corrective surgeries at Medical City Children’s Hospital, under the care of Dr. Craig Hobar and plastic surgeon Dr. John Burns. Two surgeries are expected. Dr. Hobar will first place tissue expanders to stretch his skin; the second surgery will involve replacing the scar tissue. Dr. Burns will also conduct laser therapy treatment to help reduce the scarring.

Misha and his mother are expected to be in Dallas for three to four months. With three children of their own, our host family in McKinney, who speak Russian and can help familiarize this family to a very new environment, has graciously offered to provide them a loving home while Misha is undergoing treatment.

Misha will have surgery on May 3. If you would like to volunteer to sit with Silvia in the waiting room or visit Misha in the hospital, please contact Ashley at (972) 566-6550 or Gift cards from local grocery or retail stores (Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) are always welcomed and needed.

Haiti: Weder

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Weder_Ear KeloidLast November, a 15-year-old boy named Weder came to see our team hoping for medical care for a large ear mass that had grown larger over the past few years and become extremely uncomfortable. We were unable to complete surgery on Weder in November, but he patiently waited on Thursday during LEAP’s evaluation. After evaluation by our plastic surgery team, we were happy to let Weder know that we would be able to help repair his ear.

During our pre-operative preparations, we learned that Weder was originally injured during the devastating earthquake in 2010 when a piece of building fell and hit him, cutting open his ear. As the injury slowly healed, it began to form a large keloid, essentially overgrown scar tissue that can sometimes occur following an injury. Often treatment is with injectable medication that can shrink the growth, but in this case, the surgeons felt the best plan was to combine surgical removal with the injection.

We are thankful to Dr. Jeffrey Cone and Dr. Steve Orten who worked together to remove the mass of tissue with an incredible result. This young man, who felt embarrassed and was often ridiculed, was so grateful to the LEAP team. He and his father truly appreciated the kindness extended to him by so many.

Haiti: Baby D

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Baby DIt was a community effort in Haiti to help put all of the pieces in place for Dieulnson, baby D, who first came to see our LEAP team in November 2015 when he was only a month old. Baby D was too young for surgery to repair his bilateral cleft lip then, and he also had low weight gain with concerns over his iron levels and other minor issues. We encouraged his mom and those helping at a clinic near their home to work on his nutrition, so D would be healthy enough for surgery when the LEAP team returned on our current mission trip.
In the interim, LEAP stayed updated on D’s progress with the clinic, who consulted with us whenever he seemed to stop gaining weight; later, it was discovered that he had an infection requiring antibiotics. Also, one of LEAP’s seasoned nurse practitioners spent time crafting a feeding plan for little D, so that he could gain weight and become healthy.

As LEAP moved closer to our mission trip departure, we were put in contact with a local missionary named Kim who recently moved to Haiti to work with ServeHaiti, an organization that was also helping baby D. Last year, Kim retired from a high level corporate job and felt that God was leading her to Haiti to serve the children in need.
When the LEAP team arrived for patient evaluations, Kim and baby D’s parents were at the hospital after traveling several hours on difficult roads. Everyone was thrilled once our LEAP physicians cleared D for surgery! We are happy to report that D was the first plastic surgery patient on Friday morning. He is doing well, and his parents are overjoyed.
Sometimes it takes a village, a coordinated effort of loving servants to help our beautiful children receive the surgical care they need. LEAP is blessed to work with such caring humanitarians so children can lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Landmark Update: Neisha

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13002580_10207824297778130_4277561533399403516_o 13015569_1136609836373320_8517300175209812736_nAs many of you will remember, sweet Neisha traveled from Haiti to Dallas late last summer as a Landmark recipient for complex craniofacial surgical care at Medical City Children’s Hospital. Janet and Pat Ortega were the host family for Neisha and her mother Edelyne over several weeks before they returned home to Haiti. So what a very special reunion to witness whenever Neisha and her family arrived at the hospital, and Janet was there to greet them! Neisha is currently doing very well, and we plan to see her in November in Haiti to complete an additional nasal reconstruction. We are most grateful to be a part of Neisha’s story and to share with our LEAP family.

The Haiti Team is on their way!

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Haiti 1-2016 LEAP Shirts at the Airport - CroppedOur Haiti team is in the air and on their way to Port-au-Prince! Everyone connected in Miami, and a couple of our team members are sporting our new LEAP t-shirts! Please keep our team in your prayers as they travel today and begin seeing patients late this afternoon.

Pictured: LEAP Missions Coordinator Donna Matthews, non-medical volunteer Janet Ortega, and surgical tech Erin Moore

Haiti Team Nurses

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Circulator Lead Sarah Roffler, RN

Circulator Lead Sarah Roffler

LEAP’s mission trip to Haiti is next week! Our nurse leadership team includes: Circulator Co-Leads Sarah Roffler, RN and Gay Smith, LVN and Recovery Lead Lori Allen, RN. They will work together to provide exceptional leadership and nursing care for our patients.

We are particularly thankful to our nurse leads who prepare and pack medical supplies to travel with our team. This allows us to be best prepared in the mission field and is a critical element to the overall team.

We are thankful to these humanitarian nurses and to our other medical/non-medical volunteers who give their time and talents to selflessly serve these children in need. Over the last five years, LEAP has traveled biannually to Port-au-Prince to provide hope, help and healing to the beautiful children of Haiti. We are blessed by our wonderful local partners who work tirelessly to help facilitate our mission of service.