Amazing Gladys

10455268_10152568097142254_3523456791491774029_nAmongst dozens of patients in a hospital waiting room, eight-year-old Gladys patiently waited her turn with a captivating smile and an engaging personality. As an infant, she had surgery to repair a cleft lip and palate but now came to see the LEAP team because of difficulty breathing through her nose.

When surgeons removed old scar tissue, they discovered her original surgery had been poorly executed, resulting in her inability to breathe properly. Instead of managing her current condition, the LEAP team took the extra time to reconstruct her nose and palate to ensure that Gladys would not be held back again! And who could hold back an eight-year-old girl who loves animals, dolls, the color purple, AND wants to be a nurse when she grows up? We look forward to watching you soar, Gladys!

Story by Amy Beale, Volunteer