India 2015 Dr Ian Mitchell and Rajvendara EditedDr. Ian Mitchell, a spectacular humanitarian and talented pediatric general surgeon, re-evaluated a young patient this week. 13-year-old Rajvendra was first united with our medical team in 2013 when his father brought him in for an initial evaluation with Dr. Mitchell, who diagnosed him with a malformation that affected where his large intestine ended. After evaluation, Rajvendra was placed on the surgery schedule, and in 2014, Dr. Mitchell performed a cecostomy. Over the past year, Dr. Mitchell has continued to stay in touch with and help direct Rajvendra’s medical care with the local physicians and nurses.

This year, Dr. Mitchell re-evaluated Rajvendra and was so pleased to see after completing an exam under anesthesia that his condition was much improved. It was evident that his quality of life had been greatly restored, and he seemed happier, more vibrant, and for more social. This result would not be possible without our local partners in Damoh.

Thank you, Dr. Mitchell, for all that you do to dramatically improve the lives of children living in our global communities.