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International Disaster Relief: Meet Dr. Adam Hamawy

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13592778_10154161312272254_6320019660486254566_nDr. Adam Hamawy is a fellowship trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon and owner of Princeton Plastic Surgeons. In addition to being an accomplished surgeon, Dr. Hamawy is an avid photographer. His ability to artistically capture the natural beauty in a landscape or that of a single flower has aided him in doing the very same for each and every one of his patients. At the end of the month, Dr. Hamawy will lead a team of plastic surgeons to serve on a week-long mission to al-Hamshari Hospital in Saida, Lebanon. This will be Dr. Hamawy’s fourth disaster relief surgical mission; he also traveled with our 2008 Belize mission team.

Ecuador Update

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EP-304199813.jpg&exactW=700&Q=80&exactFit=crop&RCRadius=20We wish to express our deepest thanks to the many volunteer medical professionals who have offered to serve on a disaster relief surgical mission to Ecuador. Upon learning of the earthquake, we immediately contacted the ISAPS executive office and ISAPS Ecuador National Secretary Dra. Marcela Yépez to extend our collective support to the ISAPS member surgeons and their hospitals. Because the local health system was not being overwhelmed with major traumatic injuries, surgical missions were not felt to be necessary at this time. While there is need to help rebuild portions of the Ecuadorian health infrastructure, including two hospitals that were completely destroyed, we agree that an international reconstructive surgical mission would be unwarranted at this time.

For those who would like to make a charitable donation to assist in recovery efforts, please contact Ashley Winder at or call the LEAP office at (972) 566-6550 for more information. Again, we are incredibly grateful for our amazing community of medical professionals. You enable LEAP Global Missions to make a world of difference in the lives of disaster victims.

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Ecuador Earthquake

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SRT-Logo Transparent copy 700pxOur hearts are broken for the people of Ecuador who are suffering from such devastating loss. Through our International Disaster Relief Program, we have sent surgical teams to areas in which natural or war-related disasters have occurred. Since news of the earthquake, we have been actively working with our global partners to potentially deploy surgical relief teams to the affected provinces. We will update you as we know more, including how you can help.

If you are medical volunteer interested in participating in our International Disaster Relief Program, please complete a Disaster Relief Volunteer Form. If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Snyder Thompson, Director of International Disaster Relief, at

ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams© is a joint collaboration between the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and LEAP Global Missions. As a global platform for surgical care, ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams© exists to train, equip, connect and deploy highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons for short-term disaster relief medical missions.

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International Disaster Relief: Returning to Amman, Jordan

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Following a recent pause in sending international surgical missions to assist our friends with the Treating the Wounded Syrian Program, LEAP Global Missions and ISAPS are proud to announce that we are once again coordinating teams of plastic and reconstructive surgeons to treat war-wounded Syrians. Thanks to the generous financial support provided by the Syrian American Medical Society covering the anticipated costs of surgical procedures, two teams have been scheduled to volunteer in November 2015 and January 2016.Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.44.08 AM

Participating in the November mission are ISAPS member surgeons Dr. Argentina Vidrascu (Romania) and Dr. Evando Lauritzen (Brazil). Participating in the January mission is ISAPS member surgeon Dr. Ali Juma (UK) and LEAP volunteer surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson (USA).

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Nepal Earthquake Update

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nepal Earthquake map

Ironically, we were in Haiti when we heard the devastating news of the Nepal earthquake. In 2010, the disastrous earthquake in Haiti is what originally brought us to serve in this region. Now five years after the Haiti earthquake, two programs have evolved at LEAP. The first program is a biannual elective Mission Program in Haiti where we send a surgical team of medical volunteers to provide craniofacial, pediatric urology, pediatric ENT, and pediatric surgery to the local children who have little or no access to these services otherwise. We are transforming lives with a focus on helping the thousands of children now living in orphanages due to the loss of many parents and grandparents during the earthquake. Read More

The Guardian

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Andi - Guardian PhotoTwo weeks ago, we shared with you the story of a woman named Andi (name has been changed), who was viciously attacked by an assailant with acid and subsequently received treatment from ISAPS member surgeon Dr. Andre Borsche. After learning about Andi’s recent surgery from her colleagues at The Guardian, reporter Alexandra Topping wrote the following article in which she interviewed our Director of International Disaster Relief, Ryan Snyder Thompson.

     Read the full article on The Guardian’s website here. 


ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams Deployment Update

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SRT-Logo Transparent copy 700pxRecently featured in the May-July 2013 edition of ISAPS News, ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams (SRT) seeks to better integrate surgical care into the disaster relief toolkit. As a joint collaboration between the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and LEAP Foundation, SRT benefits from access to ISAPS’ membership base of more than 2200 plastic and reconstructive surgeons from 93 countries as well as from LEAP’s 23 years of experience recruiting and coordinating short-term elective medical mission trips. SRT exists to train, equip, connect and deploy highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons for short-term disaster relief medical missions. As a global platform for surgical care, SRT seeks to place teams on the ground within the first week of a mass casualty incident.

In response to the refugee crisis resulting from the ongoing Syrian conflict, SRT is currently assembling teams of surgical volunteers for one-week deployments to work with partnering hospitals in Amman, Jordan, starting October 26th. Those interested to serve should complete the Disaster Relief Medical Volunteer form. SRT has already received a number of responses from ISAPS members as well as LEAP-affiliated medical volunteers. We will be contacting volunteers next week to request preferred dates of service in order to begin scheduling trips for Fall and Winter.

As SRT moves forward to address the needs of wounded Syrian refugees living in Jordan and other neighboring countries, we want you to stay informed of team developments and the issues that impact the work we seek to do. The easiest way to do that is to follow SurgicalReliefTeams on Twitter @ISAPSLEAP_SRT. If you have any further questions about upcoming deployment plans, please feel free to contract Ryan Snyder Thompson (Director of International Disaster Relief) at