Child of the Light

Story by Jennifer Francis, LEAP Haiti Team Member

Haiti Nov 2015 - Laurene Pierre & mom. - editedLaurene P. is a six-year-old who came for pre-operative evaluation by our team in Haiti, hoping for surgical repair of her facial cleft. Laurene had previously come for evaluations, but due to full OR schedules and the complexities involved in her needed surgery, this simply wasn’t possible before. Fortunately, her condition hadn’t caused her any physical pain, but Laurene shared that she very much wanted others, particularly her classmates, to simply look at her and smile. Laurene wanted to feel happy when she looked in the mirror.

We are so happy to share that this sweet child had her surgery yesterday! Surgeons brought her nasal bones and cartilage together to actually form a nose. This was only possible because of the specialized surgeons traveling with LEAP on this trip. On future trips and as Laurene grows, other surgeries will most likely be needed. This is what we do best, help children over a period of years to receive the surgeries they will need.

While waiting for her daughter’s surgery, Laurene’s mother Mirana, a single mother who lived with her parents and who had little support from her local church, shared that she was so thankful and overwhelmed by LEAP’s help. One of LEAP’s team members presented Mirana with a Creole Bible, reading from Psalms and offering her hope and encouragement. Later in the day, mom was seen sitting with her daughter, turning the pages of her brand new Bible!

Please join me in praying that God would speak personally to Mirana, that He would show her His face, and that His grace would be irresistible to her.

But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you. Psalm 39:7