Come And Fill Our Hearts

By January 31, 2015Blog, Landmark Program, News

Pam & LoganSo many of you have followed little Logan since he was an infant, originally brought to Dallas from China as a Landmark Program recipient requiring multiple complex surgeries. Our remarkable LEAP family has helped and participated in Logan’s journey along the way. We were also delighted to share with you over the holidays that, after a lengthy process, Logan was officially adopted by his host mom Pam Newell, which has been an incredible blessing in so many ways.

Logan recently underwent another surgical procedure for placement of a tissue expander by Dr. Hobar. He is recovering very well and has been bouncing around and enjoying all of his favorites, including playing with his new puppy Poppy, watching his favorite Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse videos, reading books, learning his colors, talking and squealing, and playing with his blocks and Legos. Logan continues to happily grow in grace.

Another great joy, Logan is being baptized on February 15 at First United Methodist Church in Richardson. This will be incredibly special. How beautiful it is that we have been given the opportunity to witness the glory of God in sweet Logan and Pam’s lives! We are truly blessed, and our hearts are filled with love for this beautiful family.

Please keep Logan and Pam in your prayers as Logan continues to recover from his most recent surgery. In April, he will have another surgery to prepare him for a prosthetic eye placement. Logan and Pam, we love you!