Update on Danny

By December 29, 2014Blog, Landmark Program, News

Wow, Danny has had so many wonderful things happening in the last three weeks! He has continued to heal and recover well from his surgeries, including beginning speech therapy with the fabulous Erin Bernett to help him learn to speak for the very first time. Danny has also started school in Grapevine and is doing well in his new school environment, working closely with a teacher who speaks Mandarin Chinese! Danny also has his own iPad to work with in class. He is learning to speak English as a second language.

Danny has also become delightfully infused into the Rojas family, moving into two-year-old Luke’s room, who absolutely adores Danny. Often Luke is imitating Danny, trying to learn all kinds of things, such as how to make a peace sign that frequently is accompanied by Danny’s giant smile. Danny has also been catching up on eating many new and wonderful foods, gaining weight and happily growing in grace after his surgeries.

More appointments are scheduled in January and February with specialists to help Danny continue to have as many medical and surgical benefits as possible. We are so blessed to have Danny be a part of our LEAP family. Thank you to all who have already helped make his stay comfortable and welcoming by providing gift cards, meals, clothing, etc. If you would like to be a part of Danny’s story, please contact Ashley at (972) 566-6550 or ashleywinder@leap-foundation.org