Danny’s Forever Family is Official!

Lori and Danny

Forever Mom Lori with Danny

As you know, Danny has been living with his forever family for several months now in the Kansas City area. Over the Christmas holidays, Lori, Eric, their three children, and Danny all traveled together as a family to China. This was an important journey for this incredible family, one that we all have been praying for at LEAP. On January 8, our sweet Danny was formally adopted by his forever family!

Host Mom Brittan with Danny

Host Mom Brittan with Danny

And, just a couple of days later, one of Danny’s former Bethel China classmates, Tracy, was also adopted by Lori and Eric! Danny and his new, ever bigger family all plan to travel a few more days in China before returning home. We are overjoyed for Danny and this wonderful blessing in his life. We are also truly humbled and amazed by Lori and Eric who have the most perfect and beautiful hearts for these special children. What a blessing!