Circulator Lead Sarah Roffler, RN

Circulator Lead Sarah Roffler

LEAP’s mission trip to Haiti is next week! Our nurse leadership team includes: Circulator Co-Leads Sarah Roffler, RN and Gay Smith, LVN and Recovery Lead Lori Allen, RN. They will work together to provide exceptional leadership and nursing care for our patients.

We are particularly thankful to our nurse leads who prepare and pack medical supplies to travel with our team. This allows us to be best prepared in the mission field and is a critical element to the overall team.

We are thankful to these humanitarian nurses and to our other medical/non-medical volunteers who give their time and talents to selflessly serve these children in need. Over the last five years, LEAP has traveled biannually to Port-au-Prince to provide hope, help and healing to the beautiful children of Haiti. We are blessed by our wonderful local partners who work tirelessly to help facilitate our mission of service.