Jobnaelle: Home for Christmas

By December 23, 2013Blog, Haiti, Landmark Program, News
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©Max Sturdivant Studios

Our most recent update, Marie and Jobnaelle made it safely home yesterday and were greeted by their entire neighborhood! After warm hugs and joy over how beautiful Jobnaelle looked, Marie shared with her friends and family that she simply could not find the right words to express how deeply moved she has been by the generosity and compassion of so many complete strangers.  She truly felt loved, cared for, and humbled by the many who were there for her and Jobnaelle. Afterward, there was a huge celebration with the entire community that included music, dance, and giving thanks and praise to God for the abundant blessings they had received over the last 3-4 weeks. How amazing!

The LEAP family has been infinitely blessed by sweet Jobnaelle entering our lives. It was she who allowed us to experience being the body of Christ in our world. It was Jobnaelle who brought to us the true meaning of Christmas. This small child, whom we have all bowed our heads in prayer for over the last few weeks, has given to us the greatest gift, a witness to Christ’s love. She has guided us to thy perfect light.