Joy To The World

FullSizeRender-5We wanted to share an update on Landmark recipient Ely (Elizabeth), who has done so well after her complex surgery, now nearly four weeks ago. After a lengthy surgery and a few days in the hospital, she has returned to being the sweet, precocious angel that we have come to love. Ely has seen Dr. Craig Hobar twice since her surgery. She even serenaded us with a very animated, beautiful song while waiting for her appointment. Dr. Grant Gilliland has also seen Ely for her post-operative appointment. Both surgeons are happy to report that Ely is doing amazingly well and progressing in her recovery. Ely will be evaluated by other specialists in the next few weeks.

IMG_4615A great big thank you to Betsy Keith who has been tremendously helpful in providing meals during Ely’s recovery, transportation for her medical appointments, and countless other acts of generosity and kindness to help this amazing family. We are blessed!