Landmark Program: Li Ying

Li Ying Photo 2007 (1)

Li Ying (left) in 2007

We are very excited to welcome Li Ying back to Dallas later this month! Li Ying is a Landmark recipient who originally came to Dallas from China in 2005 after six months of careful planning and prayerful consideration by Dr. Craig Hobar. At the age of six years, Li Ying had the most severe craniofacial cleft that Dr. Hobar had ever seen. Her condition was so rare that no research existed for a recommended course of treatment. After an 11-hour facial reconstruction surgery, Li Ying was well on her way to recovery. A cleft palate repair was completed three weeks later.

Li Ying returned home and became a star student and favored resident of her village. She later returned to Dallas at the age of 11 for nasal reconstruction surgery at Medical City Children’s Hospital. Li Ying, now 17 years old, is returning back to Dallas to receive her final nasal reconstruction surgery by Dr. Hobar, again at Medical City Children’s Hospital.

Li Ying Photo 2011 (1)

Li Ying in 2011

LEAP has coordinated with two co-host families and a proverbial village of supporters to welcome Li Ying and her mother Jin back to Dallas, providing them with a loving, safe environment for the five weeks that they will be here. Her mother still marvels at how Li Ying was selected for a miraculous, life-changing surgery by doctors on the other side of the world.

Li Ying and her mother, Jin, will arrive at 5:00 pm this Thursday, August 25, at DFW Airport on American Airlines Flight 262.  If you would like to greet them at the airport on August 25 or be a part of their story while they are in Dallas, please contact Ashley Winder at or (972) 566-6550.