Landmark Program Update: Danny

Danny_laughingDanny is an absolute ray of hope. This beautiful boy has been perfectly and uniquely made.

Danny is an orphan from China. At first glance, many are a little taken aback upon meeting him. You would think he would be shy or reserved but not Danny! He has never met a stranger and greets everyone with a huge smile. Danny is extraordinary. He is full of love and joy. He plays with everyone, frequently reaching out for a cuddle or a hug that would melt your heart.

Danny attends the first grade at a school for the blind in China. He lives in an apartment next to the school with five other boys. He does well in school. While he has vision in his left eye, Danny is learning braille as well as the alphabet. He gets along well with everyone in his house, but he plays with his friend Harry the most. He likes learning new things and loves anything with a screen, especially an iPad.

Danny enjoys playing games. He is also very ticklish, and everyone at the orphanage loves to tickle him, just so they can hear his precious laughter. When Danny is truly happy, he dissolves into fits of giggling that are very hard to control. Then, everyone else around him just starts laughing! Joy abounds.

LEAP is currently working on bringing Danny to Dallas for surgery in late August. He is expected to stay in Dallas up to 12 weeks. We already have a wonderful host family who are making plans for Danny’s arrival!

Please keep Danny in your prayers as we work through the logistics of acquiring approval for him to travel to the states. More updates to follow!

Excerpts from Chloe Banks, Bethel China