Landmark Program: Welcome Back, Li Ying!

Li Ying Arrival 2 8-25-16

Left to Right: Co-Host Jane Lamon, LEAP Medical Volunteer Charlie Lin, Co-Host Aileen Chen, Mrs. Jin (Li Ying’s mother), Li Ying, and Co-Host Eric Lo

Landmark recipient Li Ying and her mother Mrs. Jin arrived safely from China on Thursday! Mother and daughter were cheerfully greeted at DFW Airport by an excited group of 23 people, including members of her co-host families, LEAP staff and volunteers, and the many who have followed Li Ying’s story since her first visit in 2005. Thank you all for giving Li Ying and Mrs. Jin such a warm welcome!

Li Ying will have her 3-plus hour surgery on September 2 at Medical City Children’s Hospital. If you would like to volunteer to sit with Mrs. Jin in the waiting room, please contact Ashley at (972) 566-6550 or