Landmark Update: Misha

Misha1Three-year-old Misha lives in Moldova with his loving mother and two older sisters. His story was brought to us through the nonprofit organization Solo Visions Charities, Inc.

When he was a baby, Misha accidentally poured hot oatmeal on himself, causing devastating burns. Because his family lacked funds for treatment, he has lived most of his life with extensive scarring on the left side of his head and face.

Misha&SilviaThrough our Landmark Program, Misha will arrive in Dallas next week with his mother, Silvia, where he will undergo extensive corrective surgeries at Medical City Children’s Hospital, under the care of Dr. Craig Hobar and plastic surgeon Dr. John Burns. Two surgeries are expected. Dr. Hobar will first place tissue expanders to stretch his skin; the second surgery will involve replacing the scar tissue. Dr. Burns will also conduct laser therapy treatment to help reduce the scarring.

Misha and his mother are expected to be in Dallas for three to four months. With three children of their own, our host family in McKinney, who speak Russian and can help familiarize this family to a very new environment, has graciously offered to provide them a loving home while Misha is undergoing treatment.

Misha will have surgery on May 3. If you would like to volunteer to sit with Silvia in the waiting room or visit Misha in the hospital, please contact Ashley at (972) 566-6550 or Gift cards from local grocery or retail stores (Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) are always welcomed and needed.