Thalia at 3-29-16 ApptAs you know, LEAP is blessed to have the great honor of helping children with complex craniofacial problems through our Landmark Program. We have helped approximately 50 children from around the world through this program, bringing them to Dallas for free surgical care that often requires the generous hearts of our LEAP family and community partners to help these patients and their families while living here.

Thalia was first evaluated by our 2001 Dominican Republic mission team when she was only an infant. She was first brought to Dallas through our Landmark Program in early 2002, making her one of our longest-served Landmark recipients. Since that time, Thalia has received surgical care when the mission team travels to the Dominican Republic, usually annually, and on multiple occasions, she has traveled to Dallas for more complex surgical care.

Thalia and her mother arrived in Dallas early last week and were eagerly greeted by Martin Rojas, who graciously spent the afternoon helping to translate at several appointments with Dr. Craig Hobar, Dr. Grant Gilliland (LEAP Board Member), and ocularist Randy Trawnik. Thalia’s most recent surgery was Tuesday afternoon at Medical City Children’s Hospital. Drs. Hobar and Gilliland operated on Thalia for five hours with an overnight stay in the hospital. Thalia has recovered extremely well, will receive a new prosthetic eye by Randy Trawnik, and will then travel home on Tuesday morning, April 5. When our mission team travels to the Dominican Republic in September, we will evaluate Thalia again.

A special thank you to Mimi Gilliland, Martin Rojas, and Leslie Clayton for providing transportation, comfort, and support for Thalia and her mom during their stay.

If you are interested in learning more about the Landmark Program, please contact the LEAP office at (972) 566-6550.