Lenten Prayer from 121 Community Church

By March 12, 2014News

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The second week of Lent will be led by Pastor Rodney Howell, Mission & Equipping Pastor for 121 Community Church, who offers the following prayer on behalf of the LEAP Foundation:


Father in Heaven,
You deserve all praise as the one, sovereign God over all the universe.
You are a Father to the Fatherless and the defender of widows, and the rescuer of all who are oppressed and broken.
You are the one who heals and gives life, and You have shown your love to those who have been cast aside or ignored by the world.
Thank you for the work of the LEAP Foundation to reflect Your love in very tangible ways. We ask that doors would be open to share the good news about Your Son, even as LEAP staff and volunteers serve in selfless ways that reflect Jesus as the one who came to both serve and give His life as a ransom for many.
Bring hope, we ask You Lord, to those who are hopeless. Give life to those who feel their life is not worth living. Change individual lives and change whole communities by physical healing and restoring broken souls, transforming individual hearts and entire communities.
Thank You for the stewardship of time, abilities, and finances for those who serve through LEAP, and we ask for You to multiply the effectiveness of this foundation beyond what could ever be possible without Your sovereign hand.
As we move through the Lent period toward a great celebration at Easter, we ask that You would make it possible for us to join thousands in some of the most remote places of the world in praise of You for sending Your Son. We pray for more and stronger local churches to be birthed in those areas, and for more and more to know and experience the good news of Your Kingdom through knowing Jesus Christ.
In His Name alone we come to you with these requests, Amen