Lenten Prayer from Dallas Bible Church

By April 9, 2014News

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In our sixth week of Lent, the LEAP Foundation celebrates its longstanding partnership with Dallas Bible Church, led by Pastor Hal Habecker. This congregation has had members travel with LEAP on mission trips and continues to actively support us in their prayers and by their presence. This church is home to LEAP Board of Directors member Dr. Pat Pownell, who faithfully blesses us by his strong leadership and extraordinary dedication to LEAP.

In our final week, the LEAP Foundation prays for Dallas Bible Church; specifically, we pray on their behalf for their ministries in the following ways:

1. We pray that the first building campaign for this church family in 15 years will be infinitely blessed and that God will lead these faithful members as He directs during their planning and execution.

2. We pray for this church as they continue to minister to those in need, particularly those within a five-mile radius of this church. We pray for the activities of the church as they minister to all ages of adults, youth and children.

3. We pray for the church’s leadership in their decisions that impact the growth and direction of the body.

4. We pray for the many missionaries this church supports locally, in the state, country, and all over the world.

5. We also pray for the health and support of Pastor Habecker, his family, the associate pastors and their families, and for all of those that work and bless this church in service to others.

“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”
– John 10:10