Mexico: LEAP Changes Lives

LEAP changes lives. On our recent mission to Mexico, LEAP volunteer Yuuki Ando was given the opportunity to interview one of our graduating patients, Juan Carlos. In their discussion, they discovered they are both pursuing careers in physical therapy, partially influenced by LEAP’s impact on their lives. 

Juan Carlos explained that LEAP has given him a platform to change his mindset. He grew up insecure with his appearance, but through his surgeries with LEAP, he now has a new sense of confidence. This has led him to his passion of wanting to alleviate other’s physical barriers. 

Yuuki grew up exposed to LEAP’s mission and teamwork by traveling with her mother, anesthesiologist Dr. Akiko Ando. She shared that she has always wanted to pursue a career that follows what LEAP stands for: service to others. Talking to Juan Carlos reminded Yuuki why she chose to pursue a career in physical therapy

As a patient and a volunteer, both of these young adults have been inspired by LEAP to give back to their communities.