Danny and Dr Trawnik 1-13-14We have enjoyed Danny so much while he has been here! He is so special and loving, and with a joyful heart, he takes in everything, despite having many new things to challenge him. Danny recently saw Randy Trawnik at Dallas Eye Prosthetics for evaluation of a new prosthetic eye, which will be done in the next few weeks at Danny’s last surgery. Danny also received new glasses, which have greatly improved his vision and also offer him protection. He continues to do well with speech therapy since his palate closure and is rapidly learning to speak English.

Martin and Brittan Rojas have graciously hosted Danny since he arrived in early November. They have done this with the utmost grace while caring for their own children and during the busy holidays. They have loved Danny like their own, cared for him in the hospital and at home during recovery of his surgeries, taken him to his appointments, enrolled him in school so that he can continue his education and learn English as a second language, and many more countless daily acts of grace. Danny has done incredibly well because he has been well loved. The Rojas family has been absolutely incredible!Martin, Brittan, and Danny 1-13-14

Our LEAP family has also been amazing, and we are immensely grateful to all of you who have helped Danny have a warm and welcoming stay over the last three months. We would ask for you to pray for Danny and his finding the perfect forever home with a loving family.

If you would like to be a part of Danny’s story or if you have questions about adoption, please contact us in the office at (972) 566-6550.