Danny & PCH 5-19-15 2We are so happy to share exciting updates about Landmark recipient, Danny from China, who has continued to be hosted by our incredible LEAP family, Brittan and Martin Rojas. The best news, Danny has found a forever family who have already received preliminary approval to adopt Danny! We will provide more information on this later, but we are so happy this remarkable family wants our sweet Danny to be a part of their wonderful family.

We also have another surgery date for Danny, which will be his third surgery to place his prosthetic eye and complete additional ocular plastic surgery by Dr. Grant Gilliland. The surgery will be on Friday, June 5th at Medical City Children’s Hospital, the day after Danny completes his first year in an American school! Danny has learned a large vocabulary of English, and he has adapted well to a new culture all due to the loving Rojas family, who have loved and cared for Danny over the past several months like one of their own children.

Please contact Ashley at ashleywinder@leap-foundation.org or (972) 566-6550 to be a part of Danny’s story. If you would like to be with the family during Danny’s surgery, help with gift cards, food, etc., please contact the LEAP Office.