How do we allocate donations?

Our goal at LEAP is to maximize our impact and minimize our costs. As such, 85% of general donations in 2018 were utilized to offset direct program costs such as medical supplies, mission trip travel costs, and compensation of mission specific staff.

Description of special fundraising projects

At LEAP, we appreciate our donors who enjoy funding a specific cause or purpose, and we are diligent about tracking each restricted donation and the expenses related to these funds. Ongoing opportunities for restricted donations include the Landmark Program, individual mission trips through the Mission Program, and on occasion, special projects in the global communities we serve, such as funding an operating room, pediatric ward, or other need in an identified community. LEAP evaluates these unique opportunities as they arise and communicates them to our valued donors and supporters. All restricted funds received by LEAP are utilized to support the projects designated by our donors.

Financial accountability statement

LEAP upholds its commitment to transparency, financial accountability, and integrity. We engage an independent accounting firm to perform an annual financial audit and prepare our Form 990. Donors have the opportunity to acquire a copy of LEAP’s most recent audited financial statements and Form 990 by contacting¬†Emily Cook, CPA, at (972) 566-6550 or

Financial Facts

  • In 2018:
    • 85% of LEAP expenses directly related to our mission.
    • Mission trips = 4
    • Surgeries performed = 130
    • Orthodontic/dental patients served = 65
    • Value of services if performed in the US = over $1 million

Important Financial Information

Auditors' Report
Privacy Policy


We are excited to share with you our 2018 Annual Report, which highlights our accomplishments from last year. In this, you will find impressive metrics along with beautiful patient stories and memories from our dedicated volunteers and staff. We welcome you to digitally flip through its pages via the link below.