Reflection for November 1

11_1_2013 Lara one month old

The children of Haiti are unforgettable. There is something extraordinary within them that steals your heart. They have a light, a spirit that is very special. This little boy entertained us for an hour in pre-op. Such a tiny little man with an enormous spirit. He chatted with us, kissed us, hugged us, and best of all, he let us love him back. Dr. Hobar’s energy and spirit are also boundless. As with all of the medical staff, he had hours of surgery behind him and many ahead; yet here he was, Skyping with a class about the work we are doing here. God is good, and He is everywhere – in the eyes and smiles of these precious children, and in the hearts and hands of the volunteers who make these trips and the transformations of these beautiful little lives possible. Please continue to pray for good outcomes and healing for these children and their families. You are all part of our team.

[Lara Korba – first trip]