Volunteer Spotlight: Fred Moore Pays It Forward

Surgical tech Fred Moore has always felt a calling to help other people. Since he began volunteering, Fred has been to four trips to Haiti and one trip to Zimbabwe.

Fred first heard about LEAP through a fellow surgical tech and several doctors he worked with. “They were always talking about their trips and discussing the amazing work done by LEAP around the world. It sounded pretty cool to me so I asked them how I could get involved.”

When comparing how his work on LEAP mission trips differs from the work he does in the U.S., Fred says the days are longer and more difficult but more fulfilling. “It does not feel like actual work. The people are just so grateful and thankful for everything that you do for them. You actually make a huge difference in someone’s life that would otherwise go without proper medical care.”

Cooking accidents are a major source of injury for children in many of the communities served by LEAP. Fred remembers one special patient from his second trip to Haiti who had a painful burn scar from one such cooking accident. “There was a little three-year-old girl with a burn contracture on her neck. She was scared and her family was so worried about her. They couldn’t believe that we were there to alleviate her suffering. She was so sweet and the next day after the surgery she was running around, smiling and laughing. She will always have a place in my heart.”

Fred is inspired to continue volunteering because of the team of volunteers. “All the people that are on the trip want to be there. Everyone looks out for each other. We share a common goal of helping the kiddos.” The ability to impact the lives of so many children is what sticks with him the most. “It confirms my belief of the equal value of all human life. Treat people like you want to be treated. It’s not about race, nationality, age, or gender. We are all on the third rock from the sun.”

Fred sums up his drive to volunteer by saying that you should simply help when given the opportunity. “If you have a chance to help someone out, you should. It may be just what they need to transform their life. Someone was a stepping stone to help me. I want to be a stepping stone to help these kids.”