Volunteer Spotlight: Gay Smith Lives by Example

This weekend is LEAP volunteer Gay Smith’s birthday! Gay is a surgical tech with a drive and passion for making a difference in people’s lives. As an enthusiastic LEAP volunteer, she has gone on over twenty mission trips in the past thirteen years. During a quiet moment on a recent mission trip, Gay shared what drives her to volunteer with LEAP.

Gay first became involved with LEAP while she was working with Dr. Hobar at Children’s Medical Center. “It was like a light bulb turned on. I knew right away this is what I am meant to do.” Gay’s compassion, skills, and knowledge make her a fantastic and valuable asset on each mission trip.

Working with other volunteers from all over the country makes each trip unique and unforgettable for Gay. “I appreciate the people I get to work with on missions, people with the same heart of caring and giving.”

When asked why she continues to travel each year, Gay quickly answered that it is for the families. “It is always moving to see the faces of the parents after their child has had surgery.” Gay adds that this is the work she believes she is called to do. “I’m a giver, and God is calling me to do this. We all live in one world, and we are all equal.”

Let’s celebrate Gay’s birthday by thanking her for the wonderful gifts she’s given LEAP, her fellow volunteers, and our patients throughout the years!