Welcome, Anna! Support Needed for LEAP Patient from Ukraine

By March 31, 2023Blog, Ukraine

We are so excited to announce Anna, a young lady from Ukraine, is arriving in Dallas soon for surgery, and we will need your help and support during her stay.

Dr. Craig Hobar and Dr. Steve Orten met Anna during last summer’s mission to Ukraine. Anna had a malignant tumor of her lower jaw resected when she was a child. Now 20 years old, she is cured from the cancer but has outgrown the metal plate that was placed in her jaw. She will come to Dallas in April to have a world class operation done by Dr. Jason Potter and Dr. Lance Oxford. Dr. Potter helped pioneer the computer technology for this surgery.

Anna’s surgical care is funded by the Cheryl Lamon Memorial Fund and is dedicated to the memory of Don Jaques, who lost the lower part of his face to cancer and also experienced reconstructive surgeries like Anna.

Anna and her father Ihor will arrive in Dallas on Monday April 10 and will stay for about a month. Dr. Orten and his wife Tracy have graciously opened their home to Anna and Ihor. Anna’s surgery will be Monday April 24. As so many of you often do, we would appreciate your help in the following ways:

  • Taking them to appointments (to be determined after her surgery)
  • Bringing meals or taking them out to eat – Neither of them have food allergies, and they like fruit and green salad.
  • Providing groceries, supplies, etc.
  • Calling and/or checking on them during their stay
  • Taking them on outings
  • Taking them to church and/or asking your church to help out

If you would like to help Anna and Ihor during their stay, please sign up through the link below:


Sign Up to Help Anya