Welcome New Medical Volunteer: Dr. Giorgio Giatsidis

Dr. Giorgio Giatsidis, a plastic surgeon from Italy, recently traveled with LEAP to Zimbabwe. He is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School in Boston. He heard about LEAP through an international plastic surgery association in Italy, and he was very excited when invited to join our Zimbabwe Team.

Aside from assisting in surgery, Dr. Giatsidis was a wonderful addition to our team and the spirit of LEAP, interacting with our patients and families, helping to set up and break down medical equipment and supplies, and staying overnight in the hospital with two other physicians to observe a young patient post-surgery. Dr. Giatsidis shared with us, “In just one week, I have made endless memories that I am sure will change my view of how to take the best of oneself and give it to others.”

Thank you, Dr. Giatsidis, for being a part of our team and our LEAP family.