Welcoming Widelyne

IMG_9732Our newest Landmark recipient Widelyne will be arriving in Dallas on Thursday, August 20 with her mother Etienne. We have been evaluating sweet Widelyne since she was an infant during our biannual trips to Haiti. She is now old enough and ready for her first complex surgery, which is scheduled at Medical City Children’s Hospital on Tuesday, August 24. Drs. Craig Hobar, Douglas Sinn and Fred Sklar will be performing her very lengthy surgery.

This family will be hosted by Janet and Pat Ortega, who are part of the LEAP family and well known to Haiti. The Ortegas led the amazing construction team that built a beautiful Pediatric Ward at our host hospital last year. On the day before surgery, Widelyne will be sharing a birthday with us and we plan to celebrate in the LEAP office! Please come and join us.

If you would like to be involved with Widelyne’s story, please contact Ashley at ashleywinder@leapmissions.org or call the LEAP office at (972) 566-6550. We will provide more information about their flight and arrival time soon so that you can join us in welcoming this family to Dallas!