Zimbabwe Operating Room Expansion

10478657_10152494417847254_7809097435005132086_nHarare Children’s Hospital has been our host hospital for the past 5-6 years. It is the only pediatric hospital in all of Zimbabwe, currently with only two operating room suites for a population of approximately 15 million. Last year, Harare Children’s Hospital performed over 3,000 operations with a wait list of over 5,000 children. This year, 1,000 surgeries have already been conducted, and the pediatricians are currently scheduling surgeries up to the year 2018.

After prayerful consideration, the LEAP Foundation sent funding for a new operating room suite early this year. In March, final approval of the architectural plans occurred, and construction began on May 31. While we had hoped the new operating room would be ready for us to begin surgeries last week, much progress has been made, and it is nearly ready for final approval. Last week, our team had the honor of participating in the dedication of this operating room.

This third operating room will allow for many thousands of children to have their needed surgeries much earlier. Over time, this is an eternal gift that will benefit countless of children over many generations. There is no better way for us to invest in our global future!